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How to choose the right home office printer!

2020 has proved that we are adaptable to our changing world. Classroom lessons moved to distance learning. Telemedicine appointments replaced waiting in a doctor’s office. The popularity of curbside pickup for everything from groceries to computer equipment exploded. And now about 40% are working from home, either a few days a week or full time.

The shift to allowing employees to work from home has been happening over the last decade, but 2020 has accelerated the change. For a variety of reasons (including lower overhead, increased employee retention, and flexibility in work schedules), more businesses are deciding to make telecommuting available.

One of the challenges is giving the employees the tools they need to be as efficient at home as they are in the office. A basic but often overlooked factor is providing the right printer for a home office. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making that decision.

1. The right size for the space

Home offices are typically much smaller than an office setup. Your employees may not even be working in a dedicated room, but rather utilize a dining table or small desk in an area shared with other family members. Simply taking their regular printer home may not fit in the available space. Getting the dimensions of the area that can be dedicated to a printer will ensure you’re providing the right device for your employee

2. Connection question

In most cases, a simple USB connection is sufficient. But a device with wireless networking capability may be a better fit, especially if the employee prefers to not be tied to a specific location.

3. What’s in the print queue?

Does the employee mainly print off emails and PDF files? Do they need the ability to print legal or ledger size documents? Are color print jobs required? What about copy/scan options? Understanding these needs will point you to the best solution.

4. Decide on your commitment level

You may be able to fulfill the print needs of some of your employees with the existing fleet of print devices. However, it’s very likely that an investment will need to be made in new equipment.

This requires a decision – do you buy outright or lease the devices? Would long or short term rentals of devices fit the organization’s budget better?

Embracing the move to remote working attracts a larger and more qualified pool of prospective employees. But these factors can be confusing, especially when combined with all the other actions needed to get an employee up and running at home. A well rounded printer service company should be able to assist you in making these decisions. We at All Pro would be happy to guide you in the process.

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